About Us

The purpose of Cascade Writers is to provide educational seminars and workshops for the general public interested in writing and publishing original works. Cascade Writers is registered as a non-profit corporation in Washington state.

Cascade Writers Officers

  • President – Alaina Ewing
  • Vice-President – Rhiannon Rhys-Jones
  • Treasurer – Jorgen Junker
  • Vice-Treasurer – Tom Wright
  • Secretary – Stephanie Bissette-Roark
  • Board Spokesperson – Tom Wright

Cascade Writers Board of Directors

  • Alaina Ewing
  • Jorgen Junker
  • Tom Wright (Spokesperson for Board)
  • Shannon Page
  • Karen Junker (Founder)


  • Public Relations — Haley Isleib
  • Website – Connie McArthur
  • Registration Chair – Rhiannon Rhys-Jones
  • Programming – Alaina Ewing

Contact Info:

Please use our Contact Form for questions or comments. You may also contact us by the following means:

  • Email: info@cascadewriters.com
  • Phone: 425-443-3895

Logo and Art Design

Lee Moyer, Illustrator