Create Your e-Book – from start to finish

February 2, 2019 @ 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Queen Anne Baptist Church
2011 1st Ave N
Seattle, WA 98109
Tom Wright

Interested in self-publishing or being a hybrid author? Many authors want to explore a combination of publishing, but with tight schedules and writing deadlines, learning how to format ebooks, promote, and engage your audience can feel daunting. This class is designed to help!

Do I need a finished manuscript? – Nope! Just bring in a sample document to practice with!

During this hands-on workshop, Tod McCoy will walk you through the process of actually turning your manuscript into a publishable e-book. We will start with a Word/Text document, and through a combination of lecture discussion and lab exercises, you will use the software tools necessary to transform your manuscript into an e-book which is ready to upload. Following lab exercises, Kiki Burrelli and Tom Wright will review various practical aspects of self-publishing once your e-book is ready.

Each student will need to bring:
– A laptop – Mac, Windows PC, Linux (or whatever else might run the required software)
– An installed, working version of Sigil (download links for this free software will be provided ahead of time)
– An installed, working version of Calibre (download links for this free software will be provided ahead of time)
– Manuscript file you will convert into an e-book (recommended specs for your document will be provided ahead of time)
– An e-book cover (specs will be provided) is optional, practice covers will be provided to work with


Tod McCoy: Converting Your Manuscript
– Sigil overview
– e-book formats
– Converting your file
– Understanding e-book structure
– Labwork – converting your file and reviewing the results


Kiki Burrelli: Fundamentals of e-book Selling
– Keywords and categories
– Importance of the summary
– Significance of also boughts/also views
– Why you don’t want to ask your friends and family to run out and get your book
– Amazon algorithms
– Managing expectations


Tod McCoy: Adjusting the HTML code
– The use and placement of images
– When/how to use table of contents
– Labwork – adjusting your e-book and reviewing the results


Tom Wright: Amazon Essentials & Partnering with an Artist
– Amazon KDP options, reports and promotions
– Amazon KDP Select; i.e. why and why not, and what to expect
– Importance of e-book covers
– Options for finding an artist, and when to do so
– What you need for your ebook cover


Tod McCoy: Uploading & Testing your file
– Device/Reader differences
– Testing
– What can go wrong and Best Practices
– Calibre overview
– How to upload
– Labwork – testing your e-book and (if you already have an account) uploading


Tod McCoy is a Seattle-based writer whose work has appeared in Asimov’s, Starward Tales II, The People’s Apocalypse, Bronies: For the Love of Ponies,,, and The Gloaming. A Clarion West graduate and current board member, he’s the publisher behind Hydra House, whose catalog includes Telling Tales, edited by Ellen Datlow, two collections by Cat Rambo: Near+Far (which generated a Nebula nomination) and Neither Here Nor There; and Godfall & Other Stories by Sandra M. Odell. He has been converting books into digital format and working with authors and small presses since 2010.


Kiki Burrelli began writing for a living in 2016 after jumping, eyes closed, into the world of self-publishing. She mainly writes LGBT romance, though really, she writes the books she likes to read, with characters she wants to spend time with. Since beginning her self-publishing journey she’s written several series including Wolf’s Mate and The Den and over twenty novels and novellas. She lives in the Pacific Northwest and like a true stereotype, loves coffee and the rain. She is endlessly shocked by how many non-writing related tasks there are in writing for a living and absolutely loves to talk shop, trends and tips. For more info check out her Facebook page: or website: (Kiki writes on the steamier side so please use your own discretion.)


Tom D Wright is a science fiction author in the Pacific Northwest, whose work includes several self-published books. He graduated with a Masters in Psychology from Bowie State University in Bowie, Maryland and is on the Board for Cascade Writers.
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