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Dear Friends of Cascade Writers,

We have several announcements to make! First, there are still a few slots open for paid memberships to the July 2015 workshop. If you haven’t signed up yet, please do so soon!

Opportunities include critiques with a pro, a pitch session with an agent, panels with everything from geography and world-building, Indie and Hybrid vs. Traditional, the editing process, marketing, and much more. We also have a two hour block of time set aside for a free, open to the public portion. Authors will speak in an open discussion on several aspects of writing and there will be an opportunity for book sales and signings.

** Reminder! For those who registered, please make sure you’ve submitted your 1k word sample to, and the deadline for uploading your 3.75k critique file to the proboard is June 15th! If you haven’t signed up for the proboard yet, please do so. If your submission is longer, but the chapter or short story is almost wrapped, you can put a tag of *end of required reading* and then post the rest. Just understand that no one is required to keep reading or critique from there on. Also remember files need to be in standard manuscript format. **

After 12 years of dedication and service, Jorgen and Karen Junker are retiring from Cascade Writers so they can spend more time with children and grandchildren. We deeply thank them both for their years of hard work, and wish them great joy going forward. The CW family wouldn’t be what it is today without the Junkers, so our hats are off to you both!


June 20th event

June 27th event



Worldcon (Sasquan) was gracious enough to give us a club table this year! If you want to stop by and say hello, sign up, ask about future events, or simply update us on your publishing life, we’d love to see you!

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