Upcoming Events

January 27, 2015

The amazing staff and volunteers of Cascade Writers have been busy!  We have a lot of new workshops and author events planned in the next year or so.

Some of the speakers we have tentatively scheduled are: John Scalzi, Todd McCaffrey, Ellen Datlow, Kat Richardson, Chuck Wendig, Django Wexler, Elizabeth Ann Scarborough, and many more!

Some of the workshops will have a registration fee and others will be free and open to the public.  For the paid workshops, we will charge just enough to cover the costs of putting on the event, plus a tad more to help pay for author expenses so we can bring in great speakers from outside the Pacific Northwest sometimes too.  We will always have a free event on the same weekend as the paid workshops.

We’re partnering with library systems all over the Northwest — and we will be looking for speakers for all of our events.  We will include all genres and all publishing models/sizes — so let us know if you are interested in giving a talk or panel. Email us at info at Cascade Writers dot com to find out more!

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