2014 Guest Speakers


Alex C. Renwick was planned in Canada, born in California, and raised in Texas. She has written dozens of short stories as Camille Alexa, including her award-nominated collection Push of the Sky, which received a starred review in Publishers Weekly and was an official reading selection of the Powell’s Books SF Book Club.

She currently splits her time between Portland, Austin, Vancouver, and Montreal.

Alex C. Renwick

Alex C. Renwick, Author


Patrick Swenson edited Talebones magazine for 14 years, and still runs Fairwood Press, a small press book publishing company, which began in 2000. A graduate of Clarion West, he has sold stories to the anthology Like Water for Quarks, and magazines such as Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Fantasy Magazine, Figment, and others. Patrick recently sold his novel The Ultra Thin Man to Tor, with a release date set for sometime in 2014. He runs the Rainforest Writers Village retreat every spring at Lake Quinault, Washington. Patrick has been a high school teacher for 27 years. He lives in Bonney Lake, Washington with his ten-year-old son Orion.

Patrick Swenson

Patrick Swenson, Author


Mark Teppo suffers from a mild case of bibliomania, which serves him well in his on-going pursuit of a writing career. Fascinated with the mystical and the extra-ordinary, he channels this enthusiasm into fictional explorations of magic realism, urban fantasy, and surreal experimentation. Recently, he’s been building franchises and writing historical fiction.

Mark Teppo

Mark Teppo, Author


Randy Henderson is a published writer, a milkshake connoisseur, a Clarion West graduate, a relapsed sarcasm addict, and a first place winner of Writers of the Future.

His humorous urban fantasy novel, FINN FANCY NECROMANCY, is forthcoming from TOR in February, 2015. http://www.randy-henderson.com

Randy Henderson

Randy Henderson, Author


Spencer Ellsworth lives in Bellingham with his wife and three children. He works as an administrator at Northwest Indian College, plays bass in the band Pawnbroker, and writes his little brain out. You can find his fiction in Michael Moorcock’s New Worlds Magazine, Beneath Ceaseless Skies and the Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction. He blogs at spencerellsworth.blogspot.com.

Spencer Ellsworth

Spencer Ellsworth, Author


Matt Youngmark is the author of the full-length choose-your-own-ending novels Zombocalypse NowThrusts of Justice, and Time Travel Dinosaur, and has been working in graphic design for more than twenty years. He also writes and draws the daily webcomic Conspiracy Friends at secretwebcomic.com. In decades past, he worked the newsprint mines at Tacoma Reporter and Pandemonium Magazine.

Matt Youngmark

Matt Youngmark, Author


Janine A. Southard writes speculative fiction and videogame dialogue from her home in Seattle, WA. She sings with a Celtic band and is working on the next book in her award-winning (crowdfunded!) Hive Queen universe. She’s also been known to read aloud to her cat. The cat appreciates all of these things. Maybe.
Visit her on the Web: http://www.janinesouthard.com
Interact with her on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/jani_s

Janine A. Southard

Janine A. Southard, Author


Jenna Land Free
Jenna is a writer, ghostwriter, and editorial director at Girl Friday Productions. Before joining Girl Friday, Jenna worked as an executive editor at Ross Yoon Literary Agency and as a senior editor at becker&mayer! Her work has taken her from women’s groups in Nepal to Prince’s inner sanctum in Las Vegas. Recent book projects include Keep Calm and Parent On, The Wild Truth, The Letter, and The Wisdom of Failure.

Leslie Miller
Leslie Miller is the co-founder and executive director of Girl Friday Productions, and has also worked as a writer, ghostwriter, and developmental editor for over a decade. ​

Girl Friday Productions

Girl Friday Productions


Timothy W. Long
Timothy W. Long has been writing tales and stories since he could hold a crayon and has read enough books to choke a landfill. Tim has a fascination with all things zombie, a predilection for weird literature, and a deep-seated need to jot words on paper and thrust them at people.

Tim is the the author of 8 novels including the bestselling, AMONG THE LIVING, and the sequel AMONG THE DEAD. His other works include the zombie book BEYOND THE BARRIERS and the deserted island ‘zombedy’ THE ZOMBIE WILSON DIARIES, and his latest, Z-RISEN series of military styled zombie books.

Tim resides outside of Seattle where he lives with his his family, 3 dogs of various sizes and dispositions, and a near constant supply of overpriced and overcooked coffee beans.

Timothy W. Long, Author

Timothy W. Long, Author


Katie Cord
Katie Cord is the owner of Evil Girlfriend Media, a small publishing house focusing on science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Passionate about reading and writing stories since a very young age, Katie is dedicated to replicate her experience for others by creating quality projects that can’t be put down. As a writer, Katie has completed two full manuscripts and multitudes of stories.

Katie Cord, Writer/Publisher

Katie Cord, Writer/Publisher